Millenniumuhr Tagx
Millennia A.D. and B.C. with the exact weekday are shown with scientific precision in consideration of the Calendar Reforms; thereto, the Sunrise, Moonrise, Sunset, Moonset, and a lot of other interesting times are calculated with civil precision. - additionally the phases of the moon, the distance to the moon, the actual Constellations (astronomical) as well as the Signs of the Zodiac (astrological) for Sun and Moon are shown.

Daytimes, Sun- & Moonrise, etc. are location-dependent; therefore, there is a modifiable list of locations in which all the desired places with their specific information are stored. Thus, any place can quickly be chosen. Into the bargain, it is possible to choose any desired point in time.

In the list of anniversaries birthdays and other jubilee are saved, which are worked up by the Millenniumuhr and shown at the right moment. Sorting-functions are available. - Historical dates are handled problem-free by the Millenniumuhr as well.

At which time there is sun-/moonset? At what time there is twilight? ... ?
All the answers to these questions are not only displayed on the screen, they can also be printed out for a certain timespan - for any place and any time.